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Take Care of Your Loved Ones with an Attorney for Financial Elder Abuse in Orange County, California

As our loved ones age, their risk of abuse or exploitation significantly increases.
Financial abuse can come from many places, including family members, caretakers, and even strangers. At Hamud Law Group, we advocate relentlessly for our aging population in Orange County, California. If you think that a loved one is being financially abused or exploited in some way, then your financial elder abuse lawyer can help you overcome these challenges so that your family member can comfortably live their life in peace.
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Seek Justice for a Family Member with an Financial Elder Abuse Attorney

California sees a significantly higher rate of complaints regarding financial elder abuse than the national average.
To help prevent financial abuse, California has strict laws in place penalizing those who take advantage of the elderly. These laws impose monetary as well as additional legal penalties on the wrongdoer. In Orange County, California, Hamud Law Group offers valuable legal services that help you obtain justice for your loved one.

Our team fights relentlessly to help you overcome these challenges and helps to ensure your loved one remains comfortable and safe.

Financial Abuse Lawyer Irvine CA


How To Prove Financial Elder Abuse?
To prove financial elder abuse, evidence such as bank statements, financial documents, and witness testimony can be used to show that a victim’s finances were unlawfully taken or manipulated.
How To Stop Financial Elder Abuse?
To stop financial elder abuse, it’s essential to report any suspected abuse to authorities, such as Adult Protective Services or local law enforcement agencies. In addition, hiring an attorney specializing in elder financial abuse can help stop the abuse and seek justice for the victim.
What Percent Of Elder Financial Abuse Is By Family Members?
According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, approximately 60% of elder financial abuse is committed by family members, followed by friends and neighbors at around 17%.

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There are many signs that you can look for when determining if an elderly relative is being financially abused. At the first sign of abuse in Orange County, California, you can count on the team at Hamud Law Group. To learn more about our services or for a consultation, call today at (949) 812-4821

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